Minns Mark E Smith idag – imorgon kan det vara försent!

Står och tömmer mitt kök som ska rivas och drabbas av en migränliknande klarhet i tanken: Ingen får någonsin glömma The FallMark E Smith kan leva för evigt – ingen vet – men mer förenligt med de naturlagar som vetenskapen identifierat vore om han kollapsade framåt våren 2011. Det positiva med det vore att alla fem nobelprisen 2012 då automatiskt skulle gå till M.E.S. (ett s k ”Posthumous Nobel Lifetime Achievement Grand Slam” som det kallas i stadgarna), det negativa att nån annan måste ta över. Vår idoljurystyrda SATS-inspirerade nutid är helt enkelt inte redo att fylla en sån lucka.

Remember Mark E Smith today – tomorrow it may be too late!

As I’m tearing down my kitchen at home I’m struck by a migraine-like clarity of thought: No one must ever forget The Fall. Mark E Smith just might live forever – nobody knows – but the laws of nature should have him collapse in the spring of 2011. The upside to that outcome would be that M.E.S. would then automatically receive all five Nobel prizes (the full ”Posthumous Nobel Lifetime Achievement Grand Slam” as stated in the foundation’s by-laws), but the downside would be that someone else would need to take on his role. Our talent show jury-rigged fitness-driven times are simply not up to the task of filling that gap.


I’m eternally grateful
To my past influences
But they will not free me
I am not diseased
All the people ask me
How I wrote ”Elastic Man”

Life should be full of strangeness
Like a rich painting
But it gets worse day by day
I’m a potential DJ
A creeping wreck
A mental wretch
Everybody asks me
How I wrote ”Elastic Man”

His soul hurts though it’s well filled up
The praise received is mentally sent back
Or taken apart
The Observer magazine just about sums him up
E.g. self-satisfied, smug

I’m living a fake
People say, ”You are entitled to and great.”
But I haven’t wrote for 90 days
I’ll get a good deal and I’ll go away
Away from the empty brains that ask
How I wrote ”Elastic Man”

His last work was ”Space Mystery” in the Daily Mail,
An article in Leather Thighs
The only thing real is waking and rubbing your eyes
So I’m resigned to bed
I keep bottles and comics stuffed by its head
Fuck it, let the beard grow
I’m too tired,
I’ll do it tomorrow
The fridge is sparse
But in the town
They’ll stop me in the shoppes
Verily they’ll track me down
Touch my shoulder and ignore my dumb mission
And sick red faced smile
And they will ask me
And they will ask me
How I wrote ”Elastic Man”

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